Monday, February 6, 2012

Secret City Half Marathon Race Review

Race Review, by Loree Hoag official member of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club (Nov 2011)

Just finished #31..Secret City Half Marathon, Oak Ridge, TN...had my best finish time of the year! Even though it's a loop course, I liked this race. Volunteers call out the time at mile markers. Shirts/Medals are pretty good. It's a spy theme so they played "spy" music at the beginning (theme from Mission Impossible). A few small hills but mostly flat. Great volunteers, nice finish line atmosphere. I'm done with "state" races for this year. I'm doing one in CO (my home state) in 2 weeks-(My "wallking finish time was 2:55 so I think I'll be ok for the CO race that requires a 3hr finish time)has and one in LA (I already have CA) the day after Christmas. It will be nice to take a break...

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